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You guys are worrying me - I have no idea what any of the below means: WGS84? Great Circle Routes? OpenSource GIS?

Are we jumping ahead? Am I going to be totally behind by the time we start?

I may have to ignore these threads until January or I'm going to freak out slightly!



Relax, Carly.  In the words we hear so often at Christmastime:  “And behold, an angle of the Lord appeared and said, ‘Freakest thou not out.’”



I guarantee that you will neither start behind Bill – he has done zero sextant sights in his life, so far as I know, and is actually behind you in this respect – nor will you be left behind.


My whole job is to make sure that you both learn.  I will be defining my success as an instructor by what you actually learn...not by what I verbalize. 


If you don’t get some concept or other, it will be my job to review/restate/practice it again until you DO get it.  So my class plan is not at all written in stone.  If EITHER you or Bill get stuck on something, we will slow the pace of instruction. 


The class plan at is not written in stone.  I have every expectation that I will be revising it on the fly, based on how we are all doing together.  At this stage, the class plan is mostly about helping ME to sequence my thoughts.  And even though the class plan probably looks overwhelming to you now, it is actually designed to be very incremental, and to have a fairly relaxed pace.  Remember, all this is spread out over 30 hours.


Also, just this morning, I added objectives to each make it easier for both you and me to keep the big picture in view.



In addition, I just discovered this morning that I can upload individual videos to YouTube up to a maximum length of 12 hours.  So I think I will be recording our video-conferenced classes, and then uploading them a day or two later.  So you will be able to review what we went over together at any time you wish.  This is in addition to us going back to review/restate the next week.


The core content of the class is really in lessons 1 to 4.  Lessons 5 and 6 are there to fill out your skills, but their real purpose is to provide us with flex time.  I can cut things out of Lessons 5 and 6 as required to make sure you get the core content in Lessons 1 to 4. 


And honestly, you can live even without the sight averaging technique of lesson 4.  That is a bit of an “advanced skill”.


So my overall goal for you both is that you should have sufficient celestial competency to navigate yourselves around the world without any electronics besides your watch...and in addition, that you feel energized and inspired in your artistic endeavours.  Based on my prior instructional experience, I believe these are realistic and achievable goals.



Bill was, prior to retirement, working with Chevron Corporation in areas related to geology and mapping.  So he has an extensive technical background which he (slightly) has to unlearn to become a successful celestial navigator. 


It actually goes against the grain for Bill a little bit when I use “nm” rather than “NM” as an abbreviation for nautical mile.  He spent years thinking of nm as a nanometer (or one billionth of a meter).  So even though the reasons are different for him than for you, I have been telling him as well to take a deep breath and relax.  We celestial navigators don’t deal in a billionth of ANYthing.


I actually sat in front of my computer for two minutes last night, wondering whether to cut you in on that last bit of correspondence with Bill.  I was aware of the possibility of you feeling a little overwhelmed.


Bill, I will continue to enjoy and welcome your questions whatever they are.  But if you start having questions about variations in the strength and direction of gravity across the face of the earth, or other such questions, you need not always CC Carly...particularly not before we start our class together in January.


Carly, I am still looking for your mailing address.  I have a tennis ball I want to send you. 


You should know that even though Coco the dog contributed the ball from her stash, these two balls I have for you and Bill have never had dog slobber on them ever.  Coco has a supplier who plays tennis, and so she has a constant supply of new (or rather “used”) balls.





Bob Goethe


"As I sail, I praise God, and care not."
            Luke Foxe, Arctic Explorer, 1634


I desire no more delight
Than to be under sail and gone tonight.

           Gratiano, in Act 2, Scene 6, The Merchant of Venice

           By William Shakespeare, 1596




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