From:                              Bob Goethe

Sent:                               October 27, 2017 6:04 PM

To:                                   'Brian Hehn'; Carly; 'Bill Anderson'

Subject:                          NASA Post Script on Time


We have satellite radio in our car, and often listen to the BBC for news.  I have verified that the time signal you get at the top of the hour is several seconds late.  Presumably if you are living in London and listening to the BBC by local FM radio, then that time signal would be spot on.  But here in Canada, by the time they send that signal through several network switches, then up to a satellite and back to the earth, what you hear is (as I seem to recall) a good 6 or 7 seconds slow.  Using this as your time standard could throw your celestial fix out by as much as 2 nm.


He or she who aspires to navigational precision will pay no attention to commercial radio or TV.



And let me reiterate my request that you hang onto all the emails I send you with NASA in the subject line.  What I send you this way will have the force of being “Bob’s navigational curriculum”.




Bob Goethe


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