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Cellphones and Tablets

Windows Phone

If you choose the mobile version of this site, everything looks great on a Windows Phone. 


All the fonts display properly on an iPhone, but very small.  You will need to pinch-and-expand the screen to make everything big enough to read.


However, if you try to view this on an Android phone, you may well see Greek verses displaying like this:

In every case where the text has an accent of some sort over the top of a vowel, this Samsung Android phone displays a rectangle.  It is simply not foreign-language enabled (a.k.a. Unicode-enabled).

If you are using some sort of mobile device that does not display Greek properly, I recommend that you use this site only from a desktop computer of some sort.

Font Selection on a Regular PC

If you are using a Windows 7 or 8 PC, then your computer comes out of the box ready to display ancient Greek.  However, to get what Bob thinks is the best esthetic/visual experience, you should probably download and install the font called GentiumAlt onto your computer.  Steps:

-Click here to download the font to your computer.  If you get a choice to open or save the file, choose to click on the arrow that gives you options, then choose "Save as..."

-Save the file to your Desktop.

-In Windows 7/8, find the file on your desktop, then right click on the file and choose 'Install' from the popup menu.

Once you have installed the font, you may delete the file you just downloaded from your desktop.

That's it.  Now you will see the Greek on this site just the way Bob wants you to.