Small Group Resources for Crestwood Presbyterian Church

DVDs with Discussion Guides

The DVD player has been revolutionary for the Christian community, giving us access to gifted teachers from around the world.

We have several DVD resources in our church library that you may use to enrich the life of your small group.

Note to Jeff: We will want to include a link here to a page that describes our DVD holdings.


InterVarsity Press Bible Study Guides

As wonderful as it can be to listen to a gifted preacher speak on a DVD, there is something transformational about people learning to hear what God has for them, using nothing more than the Bible in their lap.

Now, it is a basic principle of adult education that I largely forget the profound insights that YOU express in a group, but I largely remember the brilliant insights that I express MYSELF to a group.

Click here for more detail on how adults learn.

Our Bible study guides have all been designed around a carefully worded selection of questions that help the members of your group discover for themselves, and express, the things that the Holy Spirit has in store for them in a given passage.

While there are no downsides to each member of your group having a copy of the study guide, there is really no need for it. It is enough that the leader has a copy of the study guide. The questions are designed to help people focus primarily on the Bible passage itself, as they walk the group through a process of discovery, rather than on an additional book.

The questions are quite intentional in using Sherlock Holmes' approach to investigation. The study guides are designed in such a way that you can lead a good Bible study with no prior experience...simply reading each question from the guide and waiting for the discussion to materialize.

If you DO have prior leadership experience, these study guides will help you leverage and maximize the value of that experience.

Click here to read about Bible study strategy, according to Sherlock Holmes.

One of our goals, of course, is to help people appreciate that while they can benefit from other resources - books, DVDs, and the like - all they really need to hear the Holy Spirit speak to them is a Bible in hand and some time to spend in reflecting on it.


IVP Study Guides in Our Library

Old Testament Book Studies

New Testament Book Studies

Character Studies


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Note to Jeff: There are several Reformed Church and Presbyterian authors among the authors of these study guides. Or in the case of J.I. Packer, an Anglican who is a Calvinist.

Church affiliation of study guide authors generally goes unremarked except when the author is actually on a church staff. But these are noted in particular: