Bob & Debbie's 2018 European Holiday


By clicking on the link, you can see some of our pictures from London, Paris, Rome or all of which we enjoyed being straight-ahead tourists.

In Germany, we visited with friends and family.

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Our goal was to keep our total luggage weight to 22 lbs (10 kg) each. I managed the three week trip with 18 lbs of luggage. But this was at the cost of caring about ounces, e.g. I packed lightweight synthetics rather than heavier cotton. Cellphone only rather than a regular camera. Three changes of clothes (plus a parachute-cord clothes line) and one pair of shoes only.

It was amusing to see people a third our age renting cars and travelling with 50 pound roller bags together with 20 pound carry ons...while here we were, travelling by plane, trains and buses, backpacking around Europe while in our mid-60s.

This was my first ever trip to leave home without a regular camera. All of my picture taking, and most of Debbie's, was done with a cellphone.

See photos from: London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Germany.